Today in History 2030 – June 23

1868  Patent granted for the first commercial typewriter (to publisher Christopher Sholes), inaugurating twelve decades of reliance on mechanical devices by journalists. Until last year, Italian journalism students still needed to use the contraption to obtain their license.

1894  Birth of Alfred Kinsey, entomologist turned sexologist turned free-love advocate. His books Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953) generated widespread debate, a fair number of threats and monstrous publicity. Six decades later, whether or not discussions about sexuality belong to the public sphere is still a hot issue today.

1942  Conscription starts. Mackenzie King’s line of “conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription” had to be one of the shrewdest spins of the war. (Only ) 69 Canadian conscripts die in Europe.

1972  CBC technicians end strike that started in January. The Mother Corp never really recovered its ratings.

1987  The Quebec Assemblée Nationale approuves the Meech Lake Accord. No politician who supported it ever gained from it, but Clyde Wells and Elijah Harper gained national status derailing it.

1990  Jean Chrétien becomes leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, doubling Paul Martin’s votes. Chrétien will become Prime minister the next year and rule until his retirement in 2003. Paul Martin succeeds him, but his time as Prime minister is much shorter.

1992  Canadian Prime minister Brian Mulroney announces the government will spend $4 billion on military helicopters to replace the old Sea Kings. Chrétien’s Liberals will scrap the deal the next year. Nowadays, the military has lots of money but doesn’t seem to be able to spend it.

2012  Professor Albert Langley’s book Sexual Behaviour in the Suburban Male reaches the top of the best-sellers list. The study shows strong correlation between sexual assertiveness and the size of  barbecue hardware.

2013  Viking launches its 400,000 BTU Beowulf barbecue grill.

2021  The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is crippled when its English-Mandarin interpreters go on strike, cutting the Grandmother Corp from 68 percent of its worldwide audience.

2030  The Canadian Navy gets its first H-92 Superhawk helicopters(2004 model), only to realize aviation fuel production has been discountinued in 2022, in favour of fuel cells.


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