Today in history 2030 – June 24

1918  First air mail delivery in Canada, from Montreal to Toronto. The passenger held the mail bag in his lap, but at least his baggage arrived with him.

1957  Front Page Challenge goes on the air on CBC Television as a summertime filler show. “The longest-running television show in North America” got the axe in 1995. The program was atypical, in that the public knew more than the journalists (who had to guess the identity of the guest). Also, the guessing journalists were basically used make the newsmaker look good, whereas the relationship is now inverted.

1958  Birth of Jean Charest, who becomes leader of the Progressive-Conservatives after the massacre of the 1993 election, then leader of the Quebec Liberals in 1998. Becomes Premier in 2003, re-elected 2007. Now that his Cabinet isn’t as accident-prone as in the first year, his “bland is good” image seems to be catching on, especially against the more contrasted Mario Dumont and Pauline Marois, but Charest is also known as a very solid debater.

1968  During the Saint-Jean-Baptiste parade, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau stays on the reviewing stand as FLQ supporters throw bottles and rocks. It became a potent symbol of his “don’t give the nationalists an inch” style.

2017  Quebec Premier Jean Charest announces he will retire before the end of the year. A poll commissioned, executed and published by the Globe & Presse later in the day reveals only 13 percent of Quebec voters can identify one major policy of the 14 year-old Charest government, but its satisfaction rate remains above 80 percent.

2025  During the Saint-Jean-Baptiste parade, Quebec Opposition Leader Mario Dumont gets hit by a bottle during his speech titled “Don’t give immigrants an inch”.

2030  Canada Post retires its “lettermail” rate after twelve months with no requests for this service. The last Canada Post red boxes will be taken away within the month.


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