Today in history 2030 – June 25

1858  British Columbia’s first newspaper, the Victoria Gazette, is published.

1961  Iraq proclaims its territory includes Kuwait. Will cause some interesting PR problems 40 years later during the First Gulf War.

1968  The Liberals win the general election. Trudeaumania captivates Canadians and fascinates communication theorists, such as friend Marshall McLuhan. The House of Commons also greets its first black MP, as well as the first Aboriginal – that is, after Louis Riel, who was elected but never took his seat.

1973  Queen Elizabeth II begins a ten-day visit to Canada, a dream come true for special events organizers. Thirty-five years later, the Queen’s PR value has somewhat decreased in some parts of the country.

2022  King William V visits Canada, drawing hordes of adoring fans. Print reporters manage to impose the term “Williammania”, to the dismay of radio and TV news editors.

2030  Iraq buys Kuwait from ExxonMobilTexacoChevron, that acquired it as a condition of the Irving Accord ending the Sixth Gulf War.


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