Today in history 2030 – June 26

1948  First supply planes land in locked-down Berlin. The “Berlin Airlift” was supposed to last three weeks, but has to stay in place until May 12 the next year. It’s a huge PR victory for the West early in the Cold War.

1963   “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech by John F. Kennedy. It works because he puts aside the rhetoric of the time about the Berlin occupation and faces reality. Also shows that very often, a great speech is a short speech.

1976  Toronto’s CN Tower open to the public. It’s still Canada’s most recognizable building. A total of 15 radio and television stations broadcast their signal from its tip to reach the country’s largest media market.

1995  Mike Harris sworn in as Premier of Ontario. To explain that the one they dismissed as a dumb gold pro got elected, Queen’s Park political reporters start referring to Harris’ entourage of young backroom operators as the “whiz kids”. The legend endures, despite the fact that several members of the gang (David Lindsay, Mitch Patten, Tom Long, Leslie Noble, Paul Rhodes, Deb Hutton, Jaime Watt and Guy Giorno among others) presided over the aimlessness of the late Harris years and recent Tory disasters.

2011  First supply planes land at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson Airport after a strike by truck drivers cuts the city’s regular food supply (3,000 tons daily). The rest of the country tries not to laugh when Toronto’s mayor calls in the army again.

2030  Visiting Montreal, French President Carla Bruni puzzles Canadians when she spontaneously exclaims “Vive les Québécois d’origine canadienne-française libres!”


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