Today in history 2030 – June 28

1919  Versailles Treaty signed. Pretty much guarantees Germany will try to get even some day.

1926  William Lyon Mackenzie King resigns. Rather than calling elections, Governor General Lord Byng calls on the Tories to form a (short-lived) government. Clever newspaper editors immediately call it the “King-Byng Affair”, thus framing the Tory leader Arthur Meighen as an innocent bystander who just got lucky.

1981  Terry Fox dies of cancer, age 22. One of the great Canadian icons. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

1988  Tobacco advertising banned by law by federal Parliament. Big Tobacco continues to fight and finally gets the Supreme Court to break the Tobacco Products Control Act in 1995. However, it becomes clear that the tobacco companies have lost the PR fight – the public will support increasing restrictions on tobacco sales.

1991  CRTC okays the CBC’s plan to close or cripple eleven regional stations, following budget cuts by government.

2021  Fifty years after Terry Fox’s death, 1,000 cancer patients start running in Newfoundland. Cancer is now the no. 1 cause of death by disease in Canada.

2030  New cancer cases cut by half since 2010, thanks to the dramatic decrease in tobacco consumption, elimination of chemical pesticides in most of agriculture. Tobacco companies are still in court to avoid paying damages to victims.


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