Today in History 2030 – June 30

1860  Theory of Evolution debated at Oxford University. Apparently one of the great academic debates of the University’s history, despite the fact that nobody today knows what was said.

1989  Bank of Canada releases the first batch of one-dollar coins. By adopting the Common Loon to grace the coin, it wastes a perfect opportunity to brand Canada as a modern, forward-looking country. Thus Canada’s currency known the world over as the Loonie.

1997  Hong Kong officially transferred back to China. Fears that Beijing would restrict civil liberties prove unfounded. Rampant corruption also remains in place.

2009  Former President Georges W. Bush states the Theory of Evolution and Cremation should both be taught in American schools.

2013  The bank of Canada releases the first batch of five-dollar coins. On the other side of King William V is a raccoon clutching a garbage can lid. The Coonie is worth 20 Euros (or 55.71 U.S. dollars).

2030  China announces it will stop strengthening the dams protection Hong Kong against rising sea level. Most of the city expected to be submerged by the end of the year. The Hong Kong Underwater Club is planning visits.


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