Canada Day promo items

We’re just back from Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa. Some promos that caught my attention:

At the Sunoco tent, a giant video poker machine that looks like an gas station pump. I’m really not sure what message they’re trying to get across.

Western Union handed my young daughter a plastic bag containing some items rarely associated with Canada Day:

  1. A Canadian flag assembled upside-down with a large tag marked “Made in China”
  2. Two fliers (English/French) about money tansfer services.
  3. A card redeemable for a $10 bonus on a payday loan.
  4. A Canada keychain (also made in China).
  5. A Western Union pen (unspecified origin but I can guess).

We did not go for a Via train ride this year, but we still have a cardboard train cart from last year somewhere in the house. Assembles easily, long life.

Likewise, no sandwich from the Chicken Farmers of Canada, but that’s usually the best food you can get on site – by far!

We won’t make it to the President’s Choice (TM) Canada Day Fireworks. Somehow, having “President” and “Canada Day” in the same sentence seem strange.

Some invested heavily to have a significant impact (Via, chicken farmers) and be relevant to the celebrations. Others just bombed (Western Union). I really don’t know what to think about Sunoco.


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