Today in History 2030 – July 1

1867  First four provinces join to create Canada.

1871  British Columbia enters Confederation.

1873  Prince Edward Island enters Confederation.

1958  First CBC national broadcasts.

1962  Saskatchewan doctors strike (nice vintage footage from the CBC) against the introduction of Medicare on which Tommy Douglas campaigned. A massive PR fight ensues, which the medical associations lose. The increasingly hysterical campaign eventually turns against the proponents of the status quo.

1966  CFTO-TV goes colour! First station in Canada to to do.

1980  ‘O Canada’ officially proclaimed national anthem. Canadians are still trying to figure out how to sing both versions together.

2011  New version of ‘O Canada’ adopted, removing all those annoying little bits about religion and being born in the country.

2019  After its May 15 referendum, Greenland joins Confederation.

2025  Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon leave France and join Newfoundland. No referendum – it takes mainland France two months to realize they’re gone.

2030 goes 3-dee.


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