Today in History 2030 – July 2

1777  Vermont abolishes slavery, the first American territory to do so. As in the rest of the British Empire, slavery remains legal in Canada until 1833.

1917  Racial riots in Illinois leave between 48 and 150 dead.

1934  Night of the Long Knives in Germany. Adolph Hitler, now nurturing the image of a sophisticated modern ruler, eliminated former allies who went out of style. The German Cabinet will pass a vote on July 3 stating the actions were legal.

1947  Something crashes near Roswell, New Mexico. Perhaps a flying saucer, or a weather balloon or a meteorite. Either way, it spawned a unique tourism industry and definitely but the sleepy little town of Roswell on the galactic map.

1964  American Civil Rights Act prohibits segregation in public places.

2008  Barack Obama elected American president. First African American to be chosen for the position.

2018  Walker Air Force Base near Roswell is sold to Porsche-Ford as a dry-weather test circuit for third-generation fuel-cell cars. Rumours start appearing first in blogs to the effect that the car company found elements of an alien propulsion system in a remote part of the site.

2020  The Porsche-Ford UFO goes on the market. Pre-sales exceed 500,000 units worldwide.

2030  Sarika Suzuki elect Prime Minister of Canada. First woman elected Prime Minister in a general election (others were merely appointed by their party) as well as first non-white.


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