Today in History 2030 – July 3

1608  Quebec City founded by Samuel de Champlain. That is what Stephen Harper seems to refer to when he says that “Canada was born in French”.

1767  Adresseavisen first published – Norway’s oldest newspaper still in print. North America’s oldest newspaper still in print is the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph (1764), a weekly.

1863  Final day of the Battle of Gettysburg. In November, Abraham Lincoln will choose the site for his famous Gettysburg Address. Again, short is beautiful.

1886  First linotype machine comes in use, at the Chicago Tribune. A lot faster and less mistakes. Today, direct edition by reporters is even faster, but more mistakes.

2014  Last paid newspaper (New York Times) goes free distribution, both online and paper.

2030  Latest survey of journalism practitioners puts the number of people paid to produce news at 23,400,000 worldwide, but only 6,000 full-time. Most of them earn less than 5,000 Euros per year from that craft.

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