Today in History 2030 – July 6

1189 Richard Lionheart crowned King of England. Richard will choose the Crusades over the less glamorous work of running a kingdom. Going to war is still a temptation for rulers with little talent for public administration.

1867 First Canadian election campaign since Confederation begins. Canadians vote on September 20. The train won’t be used as mobile campaign headquarters before the Transcontinental is completed, early in the next century.

1947 The Avtomat Kalachnikova 1947 rifle goes into production. Under the name AK-47, it quickly becomes the most recognizable firearm in the world. It is the only firearm to be portrayed on a national flag. Over 100 million units officially produced, unknown number of homemade units.

2008 Prince William goes to war in Afghanistan. Brought back for security reasons when mentions of his unit appear in the media.

2011 Following a coup, Mozambique switches to a flag sporting a rocket launcher.

2030 On a visit to Haliburton-occupied Eastern Arabia, King William VI of England creates a stir when he mentions that perhaps, things were better when national armies fought wars instead of hiring private armies.


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