Today in History 2030 – July 12

1812  American forces invade Canada (the town of Sandwich near Windsor anyway). They will have to retreat, and then lose Detroit to the counter-attack. It’s a huge setback for the Revolutionary forces due to poor planning and communications.

1963  FLQ bombs Queen Victoria’s statue in Dominion Square, Montreal.

1978  “Frère André” made “venerable” by the Pope – post-mortem of course, as these things are usually done. One of the great PR phenomenons of Quebec in the previous century, this French-Canadian priest inspired a huge popular cult, both during his life (1845-1936) and after his death.

2006  Start of the 2006 Lebanon War, initially prompted by an attempt by the Israeli military to rescue captured soldiers. Very complex media environment with media tours of staged bombardment zones, PR gaffes by the Israeli military, accusations of war crimes and a controversy about Canadian efforts to evacuate its citizens.

2009  Start of the 2009 Lebanon War. Under pressure by the Canadian Taxpayer Federation, the Canadian Parliament adopts the No Freeloaders Act revoking the citizenship of anyone whose rescue would cost anything to the Canadian government.

2012  On the 200th Anniversary of the invasion of Canada by the United States, former Canadian Auto Workers Buzz Hargrove give give

2013  Israel invades half of Lebanon, Syria the other. Few countries protest, since only Lebanese live in the country.

2030  The United States invade part of Canada by mistake. Canada threatens a maple syrup embargo.


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