Today in History 2030 – July 13

100 BC  Birth of Roman general and master of Roman spin doctoring Gaius Julius Ceasar. By chronicling himself his own campaigns, he had unprecedented control over his own image. Emulated by many since then, the most successful being (arguably) Winston Churchill. Less successful was Brian Mulroney.

1923  “Hollywoodland” sign inaugurated near Los Angeles as a symbol of America’s cinema dream machine. The last four letters are removed in 1949.

1953  Birth of Mila Pivnicki, who eventually married Prime-Minister-to-be Brian Mulroney. During their time at 24 Sussex, her expensive lifestyle raised eyebrows. The matter of Ms. Mulroney’s pocket money resurfaced as part of the recent probe in Mr. Mulroney’s cash transactions with a certain arms dealer.

2011  Brian Mulroney publishes “Memoirs II – 1994-2010”. The book corrects all the inconsistency in his relationship with a certain arms dealer.

2012  Written from behind bars, Karlheinz Schreiber’s book “Friends in High Places” tops the New York Times bestsellers list.

2030  Brian Mulroney spokesperson Julie Couillard announces the upcoming publication of “Memoirs III – 2011-2030”, where Mr. Mulroney will respond to Karlheinz Schreiber’s book.


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