PR failure at Toronto’s GO Transit

This is not good…

The Toronto Star reports auto parts thieves help themselves with impunity at GO Transit’s popular Park-and-Go day parking lots. GO’s Managing Director shrugs and says the lots are “quite safe” – there are only 350 reported incidents per year.

The result of the Director’s careless comments:

“More than 100 emails and calls flooded in from angry readers, some of whom were victimized several times in a year or less at GO stations. The emails made it clear that GO has no process for riders to report thefts, doesn’t share information with police, is understaffed with security officers, and has little or no video surveillance at many lots. Almost all thefts occur during the day, when the lots are jammed with vehicles.”

Wow, even the police gives GO a thumb-down for security.

All right, let’s all sit and watch for a few days as GO’s Marketing & Communications Dept. run around in damage-control mode. Good luck, guys.


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