Today in History 2030 – July 14

1789  La Bastille prison falls to revolutionaries in France. French National Holiday will be celebrated on July 14th.

1798  The Sedition Act makes it illegal to write falsehoods about the United States Government. Congress fails to renew it in 1801. No such law existed in Canada, but one can always act like there’s one.

1881  American celebrity criminal Billy the Kid killed by lawmen. His tombstone was stolen (and recovered three times) before the whole tomb was enclosed in a steel cage.

1933  Birth of successful Quebec politician Robert Bourassa. He had a difficult relationship with the media because of his bland public style, in a province used to having charismatic leaders.

1976  Canada abolishes capital punishment by a close vote in Parliament.

2014  First execution of a Guantanamo Bay inmate (for terrorism) sparks a wave of anti-American demonstrations in the Arab world. On the other hand, Republican candidates for the upcoming elections are up 6 points on average.

2030  Sedition Act re-established. The U.S. Government immediately launches 12,451 court cases against bloggers.


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