Today in History 2030 – July 15

1953  Birth of Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He was elected in 1990, ousted in 1991, returned as President from 1994 to 1996. Haitian politics have always included strong campaigning of and by Haitian communities abroad (notably in Montreal).

1979  U.S. President Jimmy Carter makes his “Malaise” speech on national television. He simultaneously addresses the energy crisis (with a six-point plan) and the crisis of confidence in the country’s future and its government.

2003  AOL Times Warner disbands Netscape Communications. Netscape will live again though.

2009  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes his own version of Carter’s “Malaise” speech, with a six-point plan strongly geared toward alternative energy.

2010  Canadian government authorizes the construction of 19 new nuclear plants, to be built before 2025.

2030  The United Nations for Energy Security reveals Canadian electricity has the highest per-kilowatt cost of all G12 countries.


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