Angry Canucks

Or so Canwest says, in a report printed earlier this week in most of the chain’s newspapers. Mad about gas prices, the environment, crime, the military and probably the weather.

There’s no revolution brewing. Canucks are angry at different people (Big Oil, Big Government, the Taliban and probably God) for different reasons. But if we’re to believe the poll and a follow-up text today, many Canadians are itching to do something and some use the Internet to get some reaction, including a better deal on their cell phone contract.

If there is indeed a vast pool of discontent waiting to be tapped into by some new social force, some might want to take advantage of it. It would be interesting to watch some new political parties or pressure group get some traction on the national scene, as the Saskatchewan Party did in the West.

By the way, the Canwest text is how poll-driven journalism is supposed to be written: select the most newsworthy elements of the poll, include comments from the pollster and one specialist on the topic, but most importantly get quotes from one or two Regular Joes to give a human face to the data. It doesn’t make it true, but it makes it believable and interesting to read. Nicely done.

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