RCMP mum about decapitated bus passenger

I’m watching the RCMP’s live news conference about the case of the decapitated bus passenger in Manitoba. Basically, it’s a staff sergeant saying he can’t confirm anything of interest, aside from the fact that somebody got stabbed to death and they have a suspect in custody. He could not confirm any detail from eyewitnesses broadcasted by the media since this morning.

I have never worked in a law enforcement agency, so I can only imagine the limitations on spokespersons in these cases. Nevertheless, having your guy saying “I have no information on that” 25 times on live national TV can’t be good. How about issuing a statement with the bare fact and schedule a news conference for later, when they’d have some actual information to share, or at least confirm some of the information already in the media?

Of course, the news has been spreading through the world media… BBC, American outlets through AP, the French media and others.

August 1 UPDATE: Okay, they released the name of the “suspect” (is it okay to call him the killer in a case like this?). Cameras will get a good shot at him this morning when he goes to court.

AUGUST 1 UPDATE NO. 2: Final Spin made it on CNN.com! Just an automated search results page, but still… see this post for details.


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