Happy birthday to you, Izzy

Izzy Asper would be turning 76 today, had he not died in 2003. Hard to believe he built his media empire in just 25 years.

Things have been difficult for Canwest in the last five years, although it has little to do with the new management (the next Asper generation) – the seeds were planted duting old Izzy’s reign. The National Post is still bleeding red ink, there are cuts in many of the group’s newsrooms including, most regrettably, the Montreal Gazette.


2 Responses to Happy birthday to you, Izzy

  1. W. H. Lindemann says:

    In 1991, after acquiring a 20 percent stake in New Zealand’s TV3, Izzy Asper gathered 200 employees of the station in the cafeteria and astounded them by asking a journalist, “You. What business do you think you’re in?”

    The journalist replied that “the business we’re in is to make sure our audience gets the most carefully researched news and information possible.” Asper asked the same questions of the drama and entertainment departments and got similar answers.

    “You’re all wrong,” he told them. “You’re in the business of selling soap.”

    Okay canwest is a whore for selling soap. How sad. No wonder they are on the way out.

    Truth will prevail and spineless media conglomerates will stumble upon their own limited ideologies.

    They deserve their antiquated views but what’s great is people aren’t going to buy their inferior SOAP.

  2. finalspin says:

    Thanks for the story. It’s also basically what the late Pierre Péladeau (Quebecor Media and now Sun Media too) used to tell his staff.

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