Montreal’s Police Department flacks in big trouble over police shooting

(The follow-up to this post is here)

Looks like the Montreal police service is in PR trouble… again. Last April, they were criticized for doing nothing during last April’s playoff riot. This time, the police force is coming under fire after police killed one teenager during a scuffle in a park.

Montreal’s police service has had image problems for as long as I can remember. Reporters have little sympathy for the force and it shows. Columnists refrain from commenting on the police officer’s actions (did the situation require the use of a firearm?), but go after the investigation process by the Sûreté du Québec, the provincial police force investigating the municipal one.

Henry Aubin, The Gazette:

The SQ has yet to interview the two Montreal police officers involved in the incident. That’s irresponsible. It gives officers the opportunity to meet and agree on a story. (…) I’ve written for years that Quebec needs an independent agency like Ontario’s, which has no ties to any police force, to investigate police killings.

La Presse’s columnist Patrick Lagacé gets one step further than Aubin – he gets quotes from the former leader of the Special Investigations Unit, plain-spoken André Marin:

Dans toute enquête criminelle compétente, on veut interviewer les témoins immédiatement après les faits ! C’est à ce moment que les témoignages sont les plus fiables, que la preuve est la plus fraîche. Pas une semaine après. (…) On ne peut pas avoir confiance en cette enquête.

La police ne peut pas enquêter sur la police. En Ontario, l’Unité des enquêtes spéciales est composée de civils. Il y a d’anciens policiers, oui, qui ne peuvent enquêter sur leurs employeurs. C’est une unité indépendante, dont le directeur, pas la Couronne, décide de porter des accusations ou non.

Marin adds that in the end, having an independent agency investigate police shootings allows for a more credible investigation. It’s the only way police officers can really have their names cleared, if indeed their actions were appropriate.

So anyway, this is Quebec and the cops investigate each other. Let’s observe the efforts of the Montreal Police’s flacks in the next few days, to see how they try to work around that credibility handicap. The victim’s family is having a news conference tomorrow…

UPDATE: No, Montreal police isn’t shooting at citizens any more than other urban police forces in the country. On the maclean’s blogs, Philippe Gohier got the numbers and did the math.

UPDATE 2: The Globe’s Gary Mason says British Columbia has the same policy oversight problem. My thanks to Megapundit for pointing that out.


One Response to Montreal’s Police Department flacks in big trouble over police shooting

  1. simple stuff. says:

    funny most media outlets are not allowing much in the way of public comment.
    I guess they know what to expect. A few things stand out in this case in addition to whats already mentioned above.
    – the level of confusion over th basic facts :
    > who pulled the gun ?
    > how many youths ?
    > was there in fact any violence done to the cops ?

    – the amount of dis-information we are seeing :
    > slanted opinions about what is the right course of action ( on the cop side, of course )
    > the “anonymous” cop with 25 years experience chiming in like he’s a witness

    and then, just to make sure we’re still in Quebec, there’s the ever present racist contingent on the net using “gangs” as a euphemism for “not white”, and thats only when trying to be subtle. Many seem to have no shame and seem to be enraptured that their good ‘ol boys would put those “other” types in their place. Disgusting.

    the sloppy way the cops are being handled is a flat out disgrace. this is just a set up for “administrative error” later on to mistrial them both. Disgusting.

    The brotherhood needs disbanding. An independent inquiry board needs to be set up.
    Everybody knows this.

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