It appears the government cuts to culture are retroactive. Well, not really, but they are reported on retroactively, since the topic is now newsworthy. As Patricia Elliott points out,, the government’s mega portal for culture, has been dead for four months.

It’s quite obvious why I won’t miss it: it took me four months and a J-Source posting to realize they pulled the plug on the site. Still, I think it’s regrettable. isn’t a listing of links to elsewhere with a fancy layout. It produced original content about Canadian culture (with a very wide definition of culture), including interviews with notable Canadians.

If the government wants to cut funding to offensive artists, that is their prerogative. If they want to flush whole programs that seem problematic without any replacement, it’s all part of program reviews (remember the nineties?). But if they are so worried about the type of culture the government supports, why are they gutting a government-controlled site that produces content?


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