“Strong leadership on your side” – where did I hear this before?

So apparently, that is going to be the Conservatives’ campaign slogan, at least at the start (it’s permitted to change en route).

“Strong leadership on your side” sounds kind of familiar – they won’t get any points for originality. I could not find an instance when the complete slogan was used before. However, a quick search turns up several instances when either part was used. Here are the results (to be completed with your contributions, should you happen to find more):

“Strong leadership”

United States
  • Bush-Cheney 2004
  • Rudy Guliani 2008
Iraq (surprise!)
  • Iyad Allawi 2005
New Zealand
  • National Party, 1951
  • Ehud Olmert 2006
  • Labour 2001

“On your side”

  • Ontario NDP 1999
  • Alberta NDP 2008
  • Duncan Smith 2003
  • Social Democrats 2002
Unites States
  • Michael Dukakis 1988

2 Responses to “Strong leadership on your side” – where did I hear this before?

  1. Viewer says:

    so what? All that’s an indication of absolutely nothing.

  2. finalspin says:

    An indication that very little new and exciting comes out of PR shops when it comes to political slogans, nothing more. It’s not unique to the Conservatives, as the list shows.

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