Good gosh, he’s scrumming!

Saw the PM’s Director of Communications Kory Teneycke in a live scrum on both CBC Newsworld and Réseau de l’information earlier this afternoon. He wasn’t saying anything interesting – just spinning about what happened inside 24 Sussex between the PM and Layton – but the fact that he was scrumming itself was interesting. Teneycke has been offering comments to the media regularly since he took on the job from Sandra Buckler, but to my knowledge he hadn’t scrummed live before (anybody out there can prove me wrong?).

AUGUST 31 UPDATE: Yep, Kady O”Malley confirms that, as far as she remembers (and it’s been only a month!) it was Teneycke’s first scrum. A short but very interesting discussion ensues in the comments of her blog post. Let’s now see what happens during and after the election.


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