More Liberal leaky blabbers

Liberal flacks are having blabber leaks again. La Presse’s headline : “Au Québec, c’est un désastre” – un membre influent du PLC (“In Quebec, it’s a disaster” – a LPC heavyweight).

I wouldn’t want to be flacking for an organization where senior advisers go cry on a reporter’s shoulder every time things look bleak.

I count at least three distinct anonymous sources in La Presse’s text by Bellavance and de Grandpré. They love having their quote in the newspaper with the mention “well informed Liberal source” besides it. Don’t forget to paste it in your scrapbook, guys.

“In Quebec, quite simply, it’s a disaster.”

“The Liberals star candidates in Quebec? Ah! Ah! Those who say that have too much optimism.”

“Outside Montreal, it’s the desert for us.”

Those quotes are a clear sign of an organization that fails to inspire loyalty and commitment among its members. Also a warning about promoting publicity-seeking twits as organizers.

 See also: The Liberal’s leaky blabbers strike again


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