NYT columnist gets Nobel Prize

I’ve liked Paul Krugman for much longer as I care to remember. I was only vaguely aware that writing a column in the New York Times was only a sideline to his academic career, so I was somewhat surprised when I read he won the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Good for him. And good for the New York Times for having a top-notch economist as a columnist.

There’s no Canadian equivalent. The Report on Business gangare more like your financial adviser, useful but too busy checking on the latest hot stocks to see the big picture. Claude Picher is content with being the mouthpiece of nicely-conservative Quebec Inc and teaching Economics 101 courses. Diane Francis is faking it and trying hard to sound edgy by making up words (“disintermediate the frozen financial system“). Others are nice, but you don’t find yourself thinking “jeez, I hope the Ministry of Finance is consulting that guy”. With Krugman, you wish he was running the show.


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