Forgotten PR campaigns in the shadow of Obama/McCain

With all the hoopla around the Obama / McCain (and Palin) contest, it’s easy to forget that in the United States, elections are also about voters deciding on a wide range of specific issues. In most states, voters will answer a variety of questions, from taxation to law enforcement.

A total of 153 initiatives, referenda and referrals will be on various ballots on November 4, according to Many of those, such as propositions on gay marriage, are hotly debated locally. Those keep quite a few flacks very busy, whether they are working pro bono or billing for their services. Unlike most of us who measure results in quarters and years, some flacks actually specialize in those short, intense and sometimes brutal campaigns.

The most passionate PR seems to be taking place in four states about marriage-related questions. Gay rights are an issue the presidential candidates are not too fond of, so the state PR campaigns pretty much have a clear field.

This being the age of YouTube, it’s interesting to see some of the videos that are being produced by amateurs, mostly film students.


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