Winnipeg Free Press on strike

I took me two weeks to realize the Winnipeg Free Press is on strike. Blame it on the Ottawa Bubble, Post-election Stress Disorder and old age. The Free Press keeps putting stories on its Web site. The strikers are publishing their own online newspaper, as is now the tradition with members of the Canadian Media Guild. Smart flacks will add the new media outlet to their distribution lists.

Best of luck to both strikers and management. I wouldn’t want the Free Press to be killed by a strike, like the Montreal Star was. The Star’s management was rabidly anti-union, which doesn’t seem to be the case in Winnipeg.

The Free Press was established in 1872. With the Winnipeg Tribune closing in 1980, the only other daily in that market is the Winnipeg Sun.

OOPS UPDATE: Contrary to what I wrote in a previous version of this post, the Free Press hasn’t been absorbed by Canwest. I have no excuse to offer aside from temporary insanity. My thanks to John White who spotted the obvious mistake.


2 Responses to Winnipeg Free Press on strike

  1. John White says:

    We’re not owned by Canwest, actually.

  2. finalspin says:

    Indeed you’re not! My bad. One more coffee and I’ll be functional.

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