Ottawa Sun smear campaign against CBC exec?

Catching up on my reading, I come across the smear campaign the Ottawa Sun has launched against CBC vice-president Sylvain Lafrance. Back in 2006 charged the $80,000 in travel, theatre tickets and meals.

‘Smear campaign’ is how a colleague described the attack to me recently. She seemed to think the Sun is targeting a CBC exec for behaviour that is normal.

Indeed, the CBC’s own spokesperson says that “Those expenses are fully compliant with CBC corporate policy … if you compare them with the private (sector) they are very low.” I’m sure that’s true – I can only dream about what they’re doing at CTV. However, if you judge them by the standards of the Public Service, the working lunches with managers, the $450 hotel, the alcohol purchases are all Radwanskiesque and out of line.

The CBC receives a massive amount of public funding to fulfill a difficult mandate. Its executives need to realize that implies public accountability.


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