Liberal-NDP coalition agreement signed, post 2

I admit I’m impressed. Dion, Layton and Duceppe had a very good news conference. Dion got the reporters to laugh (with him, not at him this time) and Layton was inspiring when he talked about how this is how politicians should work together.

The ‘coalition’ (of the willing?) is going to have good TV for a few hours. The pundits and minor MPs (hello Scott Reid) the Conservatives have sent on the political shows can’t compete with images of the three opposition leaders making common cause. They need to get out with their big guns, but do it intelligently. Stephen Harper wasn’t too good in Question Period (he can’t get rid of that damned sneer apparently), they need to provide better clips of him than the one when he addresses the Speaker as “Mr. Prime Minister”.

Dec 2 UPDATE: The letters from the opposition leaders and agreement are available here on the Liberal website and here on the NDP’s.

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4 Responses to Liberal-NDP coalition agreement signed, post 2

  1. IisNaN says:

    I found it very interesting to hear Jack and his fellow coup members talk about how the Conservatives are not doing enough “stimulas”, but when asked by a reporter how mych the coaliton would provide he answered that he can’t know that beacause he is not in government.

    So, he knows it is not enough but can’t tell you how mych is???? review the press conferance, you will see.

    This is nothing more that a coup by power hungry leftists who want to impose thier idealogy on all Canadians.

  2. Barry says:

    Mr.Harper has manifested this crisis on purpose, he had 7 weeks to provide a economic package and he did nothing. He threw gasoline on the fire when he was going stop funding to Politicial parties during elections. Mr.Harper just exposed his hidden agenda, to bankrupt the opposition parties by going to the polls as much as he can and if he gets a majority he will cut off all funding except donations. Donation refunds is a bigger Government expense than the 30 million proposed to withdraw. Even in America they have two strong parties.

  3. IisNaN says:

    We all know who manifested this crisis, coalition leaders led by Chairman Layton, they started scheming as soon as they LOST the election. Get your facts straight Barry, the taxpayer subsidies to political parties was not to stop during an election. Where did you get that idea?? Anyways, the funding would have stopped to ALL parties, and you know which party would have taken the biggest loss? The Conservatives, they get the most subsidies. If I understand your logic, there actually would be NO parties; let a lone two strong parties because ALL parties would lose funding. Taxpayers should not be funding political parties.

  4. IisNaN says:

    Oh, one more thing; President-Elect Barack Obama just ran a two year campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America WITHOUT taxpayer funding. If he can do it then Jack and Stephan can too, don’t you think??

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