Ignatieff’s speaking style: a little weirdness can work

So Michael Ignatieff has an amendment that is unlikely to precipitate an election, although it’s still within the realm of possibilities. That is what we heard once the National Press Gallery Amphitheatre technicians managed to get the rarely-used microphones to work.

Michael Ignatieff is a lot better behind a podium than in sit-down interviews. His PR people will need to graft braces to his legs and hips to stop that annoying swaying, but aside from that his style kind of works for him. I presume some might be put off by his somewhat peculiar use of rhymes and a speaking style reminiscent of the 1940s, but it can also be compelling. I wouldn’t mind seeing some good focus-group reports on this (if a leaky liberal out there is in the mood to share, don’t be shy and email).


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