Stephen Harper’s address to the nation

December 3, 2008

I just watched Prime minister Stephen Harper make his “address to the Nation(s)”. Actually, I just watched the Prime minister get a free TV commercial.

In a poised manner, M. Harper simply mouthed the spin he and his people have been using for the last 36 hours. He had no new information to communicate, nothing about what he intends to do to resolve the current political crisis and certainly presented no extended hand to the opposition parties.

So why use his prerogative to send a message on the country’s broadcasting system in times of crisis? Heck, it’s free TV, why not? By the time the opposition gets their message ready for broadcasting, people will have switched to something else.

It’s pretty good PR. It’s terribly bad politics. It has nothing to do with democracy.

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DECAPITATION UPDATE: I just saw the French version of Dion’s video reply. The frame is completely off, he looks like he’s been decapitated. Geez, can’t these guys do anything right?