It’s a good news / bad news kind of week in the Hill Times

December 8, 2008

You can count on the Hill Times to cover every angle of a political story. This week, Ottawa’s favourite insider rag leads with a headline that is sure to send chills up the spine of all serious civil servants:

Prorogation now grinds government’s legislative agenda to a halt

On the other hand, there’s also this text on the brighter side of the crisis:

Hundreds of Cabinet and PMO staffers to lose jobs if PM defeated

Cynical? Maybe. It’s just the times…


Happy birthday to you, Canadian Press

September 1, 2008

The Canadian Press was born on this day in 1917. The First World War soon proved the usefulness of a national news organization to feed the various newspapers back home. Along the way, CP gave us the Canadian Press Stylebook, still a reference for anybody writing for the news business (and if you’re a flack, you are). Broadcast News now feeds radio.

Unfortunately, it seems the Canadian Press might not make it to 100 years. Canwest pulled out of CP one year ago. Sun Media/Quebecor might very well do the same soon. Over the years, I found dealing with CP (and Presse canadienne) reporters remarkably pleasant – good professionals with a keen eye for news, they keep their bias to themselves and take care to take the various interests of their readers into account. In short, they are one of the few reporters who truly write for all Canadians.

I would hate to see CP (and Presse canadienne) go. But it seems it’s just the times we’re living in.