Happy birthday to you, La Presse

October 20, 2008

Montreal’s venerable newspaper La Presse is turning 124 today. Like so many broadsheets, it is locked into a struggle with a more popular tabloid, in this case Quebecor’s Journal de Montréal, since 1964.

The newspaper has become of late the favourite forum for many Liberal leaky blabbers, thanks to the relationships the members of La Presse’s parliamentary team have been able to maintain with party organizers in Ottawa in the regions. Joël-Denis Bellavance and Hugo de Grandpré in particular are experts at convincing people that an anonymous rant against the leaders is just what the party needs right now. But of course, these days Liberal insiders seem to be remarkably talkative when put under the slightest journalistic interrogation.


More Liberal leaky blabbers

September 4, 2008

Liberal flacks are having blabber leaks again. La Presse’s headline : “Au Québec, c’est un désastre” – un membre influent du PLC (“In Quebec, it’s a disaster” – a LPC heavyweight).

I wouldn’t want to be flacking for an organization where senior advisers go cry on a reporter’s shoulder every time things look bleak. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy birthday to you, Paul Martin (Jr.)

August 28, 2008

The Right Honourable Paul Martin (Jr.) was born on this day in 1938 (he’s turning 70!) in Windsor, Ontario.

The kindest thing we can do today for M. Martin is to remember him as the very impressive Finance Minister from the ‘90s instead of the guy who fumbled the 2004 and 2006 elections for the Liberals. Perhaps he was the victim of expectations so high nobody could meet them.

Paul Martin left behind a strange group of political strategists who could not seem to be able to stop blabbing to the media. Apparently, some of them are still around.

Holy fuck, who writes those things?

August 8, 2008

Speaking of leaky blabbers… Canwest’s David Akin says he obtained “Conservative talking points”about the decision to scuttle the PromArt program, a $4.7-million pot of money to promote Canadian culture by sending artists to international gatherings and small tours. Groups like the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada and Toronto’s “lo-fi noise and weirdo casio-driven rock” outfit Holy Fuck will have to do without.

A few comments:

  • The language justifying the cuts is incredibly over-the-top. Past beneficiaries are “a general radical”, “wealthy rock stars”, “ideological activists”, “left-wing columnist and author who has plenty of money to travel on his own” (that’s old Gwynne Dyer apparently). It goes on… you can smell that particular variety of high-octane scorn only young right-wing radicals and Warren Kinsella seem to be able to produce. They really except a spokesperson to go on some radio show and spew out that kind of rhetoric? I mean, other than Pierre Poilievre?
  • I hope those “Conservative talking points” are indeed the party’s, but the way Akin seems to work and the fact that he has a quote from a nameless “government official” (not me), indicate it comes straight from the Minister’s office. I hope I’m wrong.
  • There can be a perfectly legitimate reason why the program is to be axed. As part of the government’s program review, each Department has to identify the least-useful programs in its inventory and find new uses for the money (or send it back to Treasury Board – yeah right!). I seem to remember it’s Foreign Affair’s turn to go on the bloc, along with half a dozen of others. PromArt looks like a good target for Foreign Affairs, as I suspect it’s not critical to the Department’s Core Mission, whatever it may be these days.

AUGUST 11 UPDATE: Okay, so the Globe and Mail Ed Board refutes my third point.

The Liberals’ leaky blabbers strike again

August 7, 2008

This from this morning’s Globe:

“At the last strategy meeting a couple of months ago, one insider said Mr. Dion spent more than an hour trying to explain his environmental plan, which was so complicated even his top aides had trouble understanding it. Some Liberals feel that if it’s too difficult to sell in 30 seconds at the door, voters will tune out.”

What is it with Liberal “strategists”, can’t they keep their mouth shut? Have they all been infected with the “ahah, I know something you don’t” virus? No blabber control.

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