New “recent comments” box

August 25, 2008

I really like the blog design I chose among the huge number of pre-formatted models WordPress offers for free (hey, free hosting deserves the occasional free plug). My only disappointment is that it doesn’t display your comments right after the post (unlike this one)- one has to click the “x comments” link to see them. So… I replaced the “recent posts” box on the right with the “recent comments” box to at least make them more visible.

Speaking of feedback… As a little weekend experiment I posted a comment on a bunch of Conservative and Liberal blogs (jeez, I forgot about Dippers – like most Canadians), with a link to this post. The rather transparent attempt at self-promotion generated a nice number of hits. WordPress doesn’t register visitors IP adresses, but it does track referrers… I notice that Conservative blogs were much better than Liberal ones at generating traffic to my site. I’m not drawing any conclusion from this – just one more data point, that’s all.