You paid $ 400,000 for… what?

October 28, 2008

Another story about a public entity spending impressive amounts of money to get a new logo and public image. The Montreal Gazette berates the 82 municipalities of the Greater Montreal for a $487,000 branding and promotion exercise that produced a new logo the Gazette describes as “a stylized M in the colours of a roll of LifeSavers.”

Life Savers, anyone?

Life Savers, anyone?

It’s not even 8 a.m. yet and predictably, the snarky comments have stared pouring in.

I feel for the Montreal Metropolitain Community and for National, the marketing firm who got the contract, I really do. People don’t realize how much work goes into those things: strategic scan, creative design, research, focus groups, consultations, etc. A lot of people get involved.

Except the logo alone cost $ 400,000, according to the text. If that is true, it’s hard not to think that’s excessive. And the result, well… it’s sweet, but underwhelming. Kind of a 1980 Télé-Québec look. It’s also liable to induce nausea if your look at it for more than five seconds.

Apparently the new logo will only be used abroad (a relief) and will not replace the logos of the municipalities. It’s missing a good opportunity though. The graphic elements some of those towns use really ought to be changed. Take Laval’s Tetris-like cheap 3-D logo, for instance.