Taking out the trash by stealth

August 7, 2008

Ah yes, I was wondering if they would bury that report at Health Canada. They did. At first glance I thought that Don Martin was writing about that one too, but it turns out it was another one that has been taken out with the trash.

Now I’ve been a fairly regular trash-watcher for a few years now, keeping an eye on news releases sent out on Friday afternoons or other auspicious times when reporters quickly finish their work and head to the pub, the daycare or the psychologist. I’ve watched the Chrétien people do it, Martin’s people have done it with enthusiasm, and now Harper’s gang.

One thing though: It’s become more difficult under Harper, since very often they don’t seem to put out a news release. They’re not being sneaky as Martin say, they’re being stealthy.

UPDATE: Bill Carney is also blogging on this.


Now we know which Minister doesn’t approve his own news releases…

August 5, 2008

Kady O’Malley is chiding Peter MacKay (who deserves it) for saying one thing in a news release, then denying any knowledge of it.

Yes, Minister, a quote from you in a news release counts as a statement. Really, it does.