Other memories from the Montreal Star?

February 10, 2009

Interesting reaction from Stu Lowndes here to something I wrote back in September. Any other former hacks from the Montreal Star want to chip in? To facilitate conversation (if any…), Lowndes’ comment reproduced here:

The Montreal Star folded partly because editorial management decided to hire a few hacks from the tabloid press, in particular, the Globe/Midnight operation, then based in Montreal.

The Star was the better paper of only two in the city. The Montreal Gazette wasn’t really a newspaper, it was a scum sheet of St.James’s Street financiers and those PR flacks at the local watering hole, the Montreal Press Club.

Okay, I’m a little harsh on the rag. I used to work for The Star and my moments and memories go back to the early 1960s – and when Peter Desbarats, then feature writer, was dean of journalism of University of Western Ontario, now retired, and others: Walter O’Hearn, Paul (Dodo) McKenna Davis (night editor), Dick Havilland (city editor), and so on …

As for Dennis Trudeau, I met the chap during a stint at the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. Couldn’t figure him out then, can’t figure him out now.

Trudeau, however, knows how to play the game.

Unfortunately, the QCT online, doesn’t. The oldest paper in Canada still doesn’t get it. Such big ideas for such a small rag with less than 2,000 print eyeballs. But, who knows …

I wonder how The Star would have appeared or have changed in this so-called Google Generation.

I have changed; I haven’t read a rag in years, including The Montreal Gazette. But I was born on a paper, and my heart and sentiments are still with most of them, with only a few exceptions.


Stu Lowndes