“Deep Throat” dies at age 95

December 19, 2008

Mark Felt died yesterday, at the venerable age of 95.

Felt is the ultimate anonymous source. In 1972, this senior official at the FBI gave the Washington Post critical information about criminal acts committed by the Nixon administration. The Watergate scandal would ultimately bring down the Nixon presidency.

Two Washington Post reporters (and probably at least one editor) knew who “Deep Throat” was, but despite a huge amount of public interest his identity was kept secret. What is remarkable about Felt is that he himself waited 33 years to reveal that he was the one leaking the information. In a celebrity-obsessed society, he chose to value justice and honour instead.

A good, long life.


American President resigns

August 9, 2008

American President Richard Nixon resigns on this day in 1974, after being discredited by his role in the Watergate scandal. The President pitted his spies against the Washington Post and lost.

Since then the scandals have either been much smaller, or flacks have gotten better in dealing with them. Either way, there has been improvement somewhere.